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ColDeKa SHIITAKE + BETA-D-GLUCAN + VIT. D, K, A Colway 60 caps
ColDeKa SHIITAKE + BETA-D-GLUCAN + VIT. D, K, A Colway 60 caps
27,90 EUR
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Colvita Colway 60 caps. 49,00 EUR
Colvita Colway 60 caps.
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Natural Collagen in Capsules “COLVITA”

Dietary Supplement and Nutricosmetic

Natural Collagen + Algae + Vitamin E

Dietary supplement and nutricosmetic in capsules is the complex of purest form of Fish Collagen received by process of Lyophilization or freeze drying in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change directly from solid to vapor without passing through a liquid phase, algae (Fucus Vesiculosus) and Vitamin E.Our protein is type I collagen. When consumed it is only partially absorbed from alimentary canal. It is resistant to proteolytic enzymes and the low pH of gastric juices, therefore it is a revelation for peristalsis and indigestion disorders. We also have to remember that collagen is a bone matrix, it gives sensational effects in the dressing of burns and hemorrhages (also in dentistry). It is outstanding in accelerating the effects of scarification after external injuries. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. We can improve the condition of the skeleton primarily through internal supplementation.

When consumed collagen is an excellent carrier of antiseptics.

The doses of active substances included in the capsules have been maintained in rigorous frames specified by diet supplement engineers and specialists. Its overall effect embraces the face, the skin of the whole body, joints and the connective tissue almost totally. It stimulates hair growth tissue, where the exfoliation of collagen as a result of oral application can be observed the most clearly.

No diet supplements possessing these properties existed yet. You are getting the first ones! The ability of the skin to retain water after systematic internal supplementation with collagen is growing in an incredible way.
Colvita can:
- Rejuvenate maturing skin
- Deep skin moisturizing and toning,
- Instantly firms and tightens sagging skin
- Delaying the ageing process.
- Clearly improved skin immunology, compactness and pigmentation
- Reduces the appearance of puffiness of dark circles around eyes.
- Initiate the process of skin regeneration.
- Hair and nail regeneration: grey hair gets darker, brows and
eyes lashes start growing again, nails get harder and elastic.
- Helpful  in weightloss
Colvita may be used for treatment of such diseases as:
- Degenerative joint disease
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Dermatitis, covering with blackheads
- Cataractsweightloss
- Diverticulosis of the intestines
- Stomach ulcers
- Sports injuries, such as strains and sprains
- People recovering from injuries
- Lumbar and spinal pains
- Aching joints Inflammatory states
- Improves visual acuity
- Helps with varicose veins
- Inflammatory states
- Treatment of underactive thyroid glands (hypothyroidism) and goitre.
- Lowers plasma cholesterol levels.
- May alter circulating sex hormone levels and menstrual cycling patterns.
- Beneficial to women with or at high risk for estrogen-dependent diseases.
Natural Fish Collagen,  Algae,  Elastin,  Vitamin E, 
Lactic Acid,  Gelatine (capsules coating)
Reccomended use: 
2 capsules per day, the best is to take it with or
after a meal because of the Vitamin E which is a fat-soluble.

Please Note! COLVITA contains only a small amount of vitamin C. This is a portion too small for effective conditioning of collagen synthesis processes in the system and demand for it by the body.

The only contraindication to consume COLVITA can be strong hyperthyroidism (due to the presence of iodine in algae). Otherwise, it is a completely safe supplement of immense popularity among consumers who use it.

Colvita is a biologically active collagen in capsule form, which serves the structure of Your new cells.
COLVITA is the only dietary supplement of its kind in the world
COLVITA is a complete set of amino acids constituting the collagen helix

Nowhere else in the world other than Poland is the complete set of all the amino acids constituting the collagen helix, derived via lyophilisation of native collagen isolated at the molecular level.

It is also worth noting that virtually all dietary supplements, which are found on pharmacy shelves under the name of "collagen" turn out to be either shredded fibre hydrolyzate of bovine (and even pig), or ordinary gelatine. Proteins after hydrolysis do not exhibit biological activity.

The need for collagen supplementation of the body increases with each passing year our life. The human body decreases the production of collagen beginning from the age of 26. Increasing shortage of collagen in the body result in numerous problems: hair becomes brittle and matt, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, and we feel pain in the joints and spine. We can prevent or reduce these unpleasant ailments by applying oral collagen treatment.

The fundamental component of Colvita is lyophilized collagen hydrate derived from fish skin. One capsule of COLVITA contains a relatively small amount (0.1 g) of powder, which contains all the building blocks of collagen molecules. With regular supplementation of the body, it is a completely sufficient dose to make up for occurring shortages of collagen / to stimulate the processes of cells reconstruction /, to stimulate the process of collagen biosynthesis. All - means the two essential amino acids: hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline, which we are unable to obtain from any food. They are formed only by collagen synthesis and metabolic processes in vertebrates.

Collagen in COLVITA is almost 100% anabolic, which means that it is neither used up e.g. in energy nor excreted. It completely serves the building of new cells. Its assimilability is so perfect that one does not even need enzymatic digestive processes. It is also directly absorbed from the intestine.

Fish only have a semblance of the immune system, but in spite of this, it will never transmit diseases to humans. Collagen in fish skin, obtained at the molecular stage (helical) is the same as in the more developed vertebrates and is completely safe for humans.

COLVITA also contains vitamin E in the form of DL α - tocopherol from soybean oil cold pressed from soybean shoots. Tocopherol esters obtained by this method are characterized by resistance to oxygen, UV rays and many other degradative factors and 100% biological activity.

Vitamin E was the first medicine to be given the term "elixir of youth” in the twentieth century. It adds vitality, vigour, energy, and zest for life. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, improves skin appearance and protects against infertility. It is the body's main antioxidant guard for cell membranes and red blood cells. One molecule of vitamin E protects against free radicals; over 200 molecules of unsaturated fatty acid. It works closely with vitamin C, carotenoids, selenium, chromium and zinc.

COLVITA also contains a powder derived from micronization of conceptacles (oogonia and antheridia) of the algae species - Fucus vesiculosus. These bladderwrack are a phenomenon of nature - a kind of bridge between biotope and biocenosis. They possess an extraordinary ability to collect virtually all trace elements and minerals found in sea water, and most importantly - the most valuable trace elements, in the form assimilated by plants, and therefore most fully assimilable. The excellent nutritional content of the algae proves that for the production of exclusive supplements from their thalli all plant components are used, removing only sodium chloride (salt). Fucus vesiculosus particularly from the North Atlantic, where they are not subjected to the process of growth nor high or too low temperatures - they constitute a treasure of valuable nutrients rarely found in nature.

Processing of algae using the "cell burst process", replaces the traditional drying, and thus allows to keep intact most of the active substances of the seaweed and its immense biological energy level. This takes place in the French laboratories that adhere to restrictive pharmacological regimen.

Bladderwrack extract was chosen as component of COLVITA, because at the time of composing this supplement, it was the best known creator of the prescription, a completely plant complex of all the micro-and macro-elements as well as vitamins - synergistic for stimulating through amino acids; collagen synthesis processes of system collagen in the consumers body.

The powder of these algae is a supplementation bombshell. It is rich in calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, chromium, zinc and iodine, both organic (diiodotyrosine) as well as inorganic. One can find in here vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Carbohydrates, fibre, polysaccharides and exogenous amino acids. Polyphenols, carotene and mucous compounds: alginic acid, fucoidin, laminarin, mannitol, and bioflavonoids, the most important being flavone - 3 - d (OPC). After removing the sodium chloride, the powdered and micronized algae constitute an almost perfectly balanced complex of vitamins, macro and micro elements and other valuable substances. They are therefore easily digestible and easily absorbed because their mineral composition resembles our body fluids.

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