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Collagen Natural Colway GRAPHITE 100 ml 42,60†EUR
Collagen Natural Colway GRAPHITE 100 ml
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Properties of natural collagen

Collagen is a basic constituent protein, forming up to 30% of human body protein and 70% of skin protein. It is abundant in bone tissue, skin, eye tissue, the kidneys, liver and the digestive system. It is also found in the fluids of body cells. It is produced in body tissue, specifically by fibroblasts and bone tissue chrondrocites. All the hormones produced by the body, take an active part in its biosynthesis.

The structure of collagen consists of long chained spirals of peptides, which are formed from the amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyprolines. These chains are arranged into a space structure of super helixes as referred to before.

Collagen performs a vital role in the wellbeing of the whole bodily organism, due to its physical and biochemical actions. It provides the building frame for bone tissue, ligament suppleness and plays an important role in the protection of skin tissue. It enhances the uptake moisture which is necessary to retain skin texture and flexibility.

The replenishment of collagen is continuous throughout the life of the human body. During the natural ageing process however, the replacement of collagen is gradually reduced and therefore it cannot aid replacement of new skin tissue to the same extent as before. This overall deficit in collagen production causes gradual retardation of body cell renewal.

Inventia Polish Technologies have introduced a product to counteract this ageing process it is called Natural Collagen (NC 5-26) whose effects are noticeable after only a few days application.

The unique formulation of NC 5-26 is 100% natural and contains no artificial additives of any description. It contains no colouring and is odourless.

NC 5-26 is produced from the very best natural resources, by a new, effective technology which guarantees the desired collagen super helix structure. It is readily absorbed by the skin and has a long shelf life.

How to use and apply NC 5-26

NC 5-26 is suitable for application to all types of skin and can be used by all age groups. It is specifically recommended for those over 21 years old because their skin has already started to age naturally.

It is recommended for those persons whose skin shows signs of ageing and loss of moisture.

Desirable properties of Natural Collagen Formula Q5-26 as recommended by users and researchers:

- Deep skin moisturizing and toning
- Delaying the ageing process
- Clearly improved skin immunology, compactness and pigmentation
- Smoothing mimic wrinkles
- Natural skin care
- Smoothing scars, stretch marks and scalded skin
- Hair and nail regeneration
- Aids cellulite healing
- Anti aging skin care
- Effectively reduces bruises and bed sores
- Helps with varicose veins
- Reduces the effect of acne
- Effectively reduces the effects of insect bites and stings
- Prevents vaginal infections
- Regenerates the vaginal sheath
- Helps prevent patchy baldness
- Effectively deals with frostbite
- Effectively controls excessive sweating
- Natural skin care product
- Works as a soothing balsam for after shaving and deputation
- Effectively prevents nail problems
- Stimulates the action of fibroblasts and keratins
- Softens old scar tissue and prevents formation of unsightly new scar tissue
- Eliminates freckles
- Stops the growth of grey hair
- Applied on eyelids improves eyesight
- skin care product
- Used as a treatment against aphtae, herpes, stye, felon, abscess
- Heals heel spurs, eliminates rips and solves the problem of cuticle delayering around nails
- Treats paradonthosis
- Face skin care
- Soothes pains associated with bones and joints
- Speeds up the process of wound, abrasion and irritation cicatrizing
- Has a beneficial influence in the treatment of skin allergies, dandruff, psoriasis, burns, dermatosis, oedema, pattern balding, joint inflammation, and many other ailments

Natural Collagen NC 5-26 is available as:

NC 5-26 Platinum
NC 5-26 Silver
NC 5-26 Graphite

All three are suitable for cosmetic applications.


NC 5-26 Graphite has the following recommended uses:

hair care and restoration
nail care

For hair care:
wash hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo
apply the NC 5-26 Graphite and massage vigorously into the scalp and hair
do not rinse hair
dry hair at a low temperature by holding dryer some distance away from scalp

For nail care:
remove all traces of nail varnish, avoid acetone based removers
wash hands with warm water and soap especially around cuticles and in between fingers
apply NC 5-26 Graphite over moist hands including around the cuticles
apply a moisturising cream


Regenerative bathing in room temperature water, ensures that the NC 5-26 is absorbed by the skin in conditions when it exhibits its most beneficial structure. Bathing in warm water will break down the collagen structure, enabling the smaller particles to be absorbed more quickly.


Do not apply Natural Collagen products directly after using cleansing tonics. Collagen is a protein which will break down in the presence of acids contained in tonics and other skin cleansers.

For optimum results, Natural Collagen NC 5-26 should be applied three times a day.

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